How To Monetize Your Blog or site 

The word monetization points to income - making business blogs and websites.

Nowadays, many beginner bloggers or website owners are zealous to know: 

  • What monetization methods should they apply on their website or blog to make money.
  • How soon can they start to make money for real.

This of course are important questions that should be factored into the building stage of the blog or site. So in our smart thinking -

  • Monetizing your site or blog comes first!
  • Creating valuable contents comes second;
  • Building trust in the community comes third. 

Please send your comments on the above 3 points if you agree or not ! We appreciate!!

How soon you start to make money for real depends on the above basic 3 keys.

There are dozens of monetization options to consider, of which it is not easy for a beginner to choose from, and sometimes might get confused. Making money with a new blog or site is not a day job but a gradual process. 

There are 100+ ways to monetize your website or blog, but in other to make things easy for you, we are going to narrow down to "12 unique ways" that you can monetize your blog or website and make money. Monetization of your blog or site means monetizing your audience. 

Monetization: To put your blog or site into forefront of making money: Ask, How do i monetize my Audience?

1. You need to have valuable contents or products or services.

2. You need to place high value for your products or services before another person can give you the credit.

3. Your blog or site needs traffic and clicks, how? This will depend on the value of your contents, products and services.

4. You need to convert those traffics and clicks to sales and buyers.

5. You need recurring sales, and as such, it is advisable not to design your page and products or services for a one-time sale. 

If you keep to this few important steps, in a short time your blog or site will start to yield dividend.

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Unique Ways
To Monetize Your

It is also important to note that there are Active and Positive monetization options of which you can monetize your audience. Let share the Ten Ways to Monetize your Audience or site into Active and Passive Monetization methods:

Active Monetization

1. Online Course >>>

With the web presence, your specialized knowledge can be packaged, sold and delivered to anyone in any part of the world. Presenting your online courses using PowerPoint slides with a combination of video and audio, will make it more appealing to your audience. And will attract more traffic and sales.

2. Digital Products or E-books >>>

Creating and selling your own valuable digital products or e-goods such as videos, kindle books, PDF and audios is a great way of reducing cost of production and other overheads. The end result is that your expertise knowledge based information can be access anywhere in the world. And the more you gain audience, the more you are monetizing it or collecting money and the more your blogging make money. 

3. Online Stores >>>

Online store application is designed for 3 purposes:

> To enable sales of e-goods or services over the internet

> To process credit card transaction

> To fulfill the order through digital delivery system.

As a result of global web presence, the online stores, serves as a channel to reach potential audience or customers anywhere in the world through the internet at the comfort of their home. 

You can visit the following sites to create your own online store  on your site or blog :

 Shopify - Is very easy to set up. To get started follow the link.

E-junkle  - Is automated delivery system and shopping cart. Follow the link to learn more.

PayPal Shopping Cart -  To learn more about the PayPal shopping cart follow the above link.

Asides the 3 online stores mentioned above, there are several other ones of which you have to check its suitability in line with your niche topic.

4. Membership Site >>>

Membership site such as weight loss, dating, lifestyle and diet, etc are so popular today. Membership site is a recurring monetization model that rewards well through its recurring revenues from members monthly fees to access resources offered within its membership area. However, managing membership site does not come with a platter of gold but with a lot of hard work as the site must be constantly updated and renewed with fresh materials.

5. Local and Service Businesses >>>

Are you an artist or a fashion designer or an accountant with special knowledge or a translator who knows two languages? With web presence,  your business is made easy and you have unlimited opportunities that open your business widely and give you edge over your local competitors.

And to those in Service Business, initially you need to established relationship and build trust with your  potential audience and provide them with irresistible rich-contents first, before you can gain acceptance that will bring an endless rewards. Everyone of you is a genius, so take advantage of the web presence  to showcase your business globally and give your business a distinct edge over others. Don't forget the all-in-one tools of Solo Build It that is so handy to make your online business a great success. It is all inclusive with web-hosting!!!

6. Email Marketing >>>

You can use email marketing as an active monetization method to persuade your audience to sign up for your newsletter and autoresponder courses, so as to send them your content and any opportunities.


7. Adsense >>>

Adsense program is third party contextual ad based system provided by Google. It is popular among bloggers and newbies. Google Adsense has gain its fair presence as a contextual ads based system, that add flavour to blogging especially in the early days when there was no competition.  But today Google is facing a stiff competition from other third party ads based system. Nevertheless, Google Adsense program is easy to use and add more sense to blogging by padding additional income stream to your business. It very effective when you have gain enough traffic.

If you want to learn more about Adsense then click here to learn more.


If you are not using Google Adsense or that you are drop, the best thing and most important thing for you to do, is that you test other Adsense equivalent or alternatives to see which one will work for you and the one that will provide a steady streams of income. Also if the one you are using currently is not working for you, then change it to the one that best work and brings income. The keyword is diversify!!

Below are the best known Adsense Equivalent and Alternatives.

And of course, if you have any other best Adsense Alternative, kindly post it for discussion. Please fill the form on the contact page and make your comment. 



Tribal Fusion


8. Sell Advertising on your blog or site
If you have a blog or website with your own domain name, then you have a real online estate that can earn you passive income. Your website is your real estate that you can rent out to advertisers, especially if your site have attracted enough traffics. Though social media can help but it is not good to depend entirely on them!  Why ? 

Because you don't own it! Your total blog life and income depends entirely on them and you can be removed anytime you are not complying on their policy.

This has happened to many bloggers or site owners. The key is to get your own site of which you can create valuable contents that attracts more traffic. The more traffic you attract, the more valuable your site or blog becomes and the more income that you can generate by selling advertising space.

9. Site Sponsorship:

To generate more income for your site or blog, you need to consider leaving a space for Site Sponsorships. It is an excellent type of advertising that generate income in win-win relationship between the advertisers and the sponsors. Based on your discussion and agreement, site sponsors can support your whole site or a section of your site in return for an agreed terms to discuss or showcase their products or services on your site. It is always a win-win thing. The major advantage is  that you are the key holder here with maximum advantage to accept the terms or not. Remember it is your site! And in many cases, site sponsorship generates more income than Google Adsense program.

Other  things to consider about Site sponsorships.

Traffic: site sponsorship is beneficial and profitable if you have enough traffic, for atleast from several hundred to a thousand or more is an ideal time to start to scout for sponsors. In some cases, with enough traffic, the sponsors will start sending their marketers to look for you for a deal.

Pricing : Pricing should not be difficult as it is base on competition and also the traffic that is come to your site and how many customers you can send for a day. You have to research on what your competitors are offering. Best rule is that you should offer what the market pay.

Placement of Ads: If you are into site sponsorship, then the right column on your site is the best place for sponsors. That column should be the best place something that is important and not for Adsense or any contextual ads as that would mean a burning away money. You can also offer ads-only-in-your-category and cross-site option placement depending on the sponsors demand. Sponsors who need their add to appear on all the pages should be ready to pay. Watch out! When the business expands, it is better to stop or increase price than to cluttered your site.

10. Affiliate Business: This monetization method works best with large amount of traffic. Besides large amount of traffic, it can also work for any smaller traffic though income yield will not be the same. Many companies find it very convenient and profitable to use site owners to sell their products or services. This is what we mean by affiliate business or marketing. It is very simple to earn a commission in this type of business by finding a good product that is related to your niche and then create a link to the company's product page and once a customer clicks and purchase the product, you are paid a commission.  Besides being an affiliate for other people, you can also recruit  people to sell your own product or service, example, e-book, etc. 

11. Referral Marketing: You can make a deal to refer people for a fee to thousands of those business with websites without traffic, and those business without website. This can add more to your income generation. Make sure you monitor those you refer to the other businesses and have prove to show in case they squawk. Ask your people to filled your referral form so that you can keep track a second time cheating and refusal to pay your agreed fee.

 Best Standard PracticeOnce you start generating a few referrals, a monthly per-sale report is essential. Make it simple. Ask your referral partner to provide you with each customer's name, date of transaction, and amount paid. This is to maintain a fair business arrangement. Of course, if you suspect, then change to per-click, per-lead, or per-month payments. 

12. Trafeze´╗┐: What if you are a publisher and have the chance to negotiate with the advertiser! Wouldn't you be happy?

Trafeze is the new generation monetization network that brings seller and buyer, publisher and advertiser together. It was launched by SiteSell in 2016 and is now ruling because it brings two important enterpreneurs together-the Buyer and the seller to negotiate without any string attached to it and its free to register. 

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