Make Money: 
How to turn your Passion into Money

 Skills Required:

Every field requires skills and so do blogging. To make money with your blog or website requires skills.

What are the necessary skills required before you can start blogging and make money with what you  love or are passionate about.

1. Knowledge of Computer and Internet

The first Step - is that you must have the knowledge of computer and internet. That means you must be computer literate and know the basic working of a computer and of course not to the level of an engineer, but the basic, just for the beginner - to be able to type faster, correct mistakes, save your work, move from one point to another with your mouse and keyboard. Without this, you cannot make money online with your blog as a beginner, except you hire someone to do it for you. So if you want your blogging to make money as a beginner you have to learn the very basic and over the years you are sure to make money.

But for those who takes blogging as a business or blogging for income, they need to know more than the basic computer appreciation. As a blogger and professional, you know exactly what i am talking about, even though many bloggers have written that you don't need to know the coding or html/css/java in other to create a blog or website! But i disagree in the sense that as a professional blogger sometimes you may need to change or add some raw html or css or java script to make something work the way you want, than what the software is giving you. In my experience this has happened many times. Without this prerequisite, you are just a dreamer. Yes, that is the truth! So get to work and learn the basic computer appreciation, and above all, add some basic html coding during your training if you want to become a professional blogger  or blogging as a business to make money and become financial independence.

So, knowledge of computer and internet is absolutely required. If you are discipline, a week or two is enough for you to learn the basics of computer and internet. Remember, once this knowledge is acquired, it will be yours to use always and when you need it. If you are longing to make blogging a business, then the best thing to do now is to get somebody to help you - your brother; sister, friend, daughter, son or parents can help to teach you free of charge to learn the basics of computer and internet or you can enroll in any of the computer training centers closer to you. Experience computer  users can easily make money blogging if they follow simple steps as given on this site.

 2. Discipline

The pre-requisite to any success is discipline. To become a successful blogger and to succeed in any online business or any business in that matter, you have to discipline yourself. You should ask yourself to find out if you would be discipline enough to sacrifice 1-2 hours a day or a minimum of 6 hours a week for your blogging or online business! If the answer is 'Yes' then definitely success is yours and you will surely make money.

3. Passion

Do I say passion? Yes, that is the pill you need! Passion is the energy or power that drives you to focus on something that excites you. That is why, it is said that “If you love the work you are doing, you will never work a day in your life” True or false? To me the answer is Yes! Building any kind of business involves a lot of work and it is challenging, and time consuming to brainstorm, research, built it, nurture, start and grow to make money. If you are passionate about what you are doing, you will soon realize that the pill Passion has taken you up to the top of the ladder without you even realizing it. At first you aren't sure it’s going to work, but because you are discipline and passionate about it, even though initially it comes as a peanut and at the end you shout with joy "WOW" It's worth it!! What did it? Passion has done it for you! So, first, you have to be passionate about blogging as a business to generate income and not as a hobby. Then choose a niche that you love. Your friends or relatives can help you choose what you are good at if you get lost yourself in finding out what you possess or you can turn to the great brainstormer and niche choose it  tool of SBI. You will be amazed what a seer this tool can be! It will work through the brain of your youth to adult and bring out your gift-passion-love and genius in you and lay it bare for you.  Once the "brainstormer" and "niche choose it" has made the work much easier for you, then the only thing you need to do is to start writing about your passion. At any level SBI is there to help you.

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