Blogging make money - Getting ready!!

Why Do People Blog?

Blogging make money- FAQ!! The question often ask by many new bloggers is "how can blogging make money?" which is being interpreted as how can the activities on my blog or site yield income or money!

Another frequent ask question ask is "why do people blog and who are this bloggers? Your website or blog make money based on the kind of contents or services offer on your blog or site. That is why the popular saying that contents is king!! If you do your homework well and put a valuable contents on your blog or site, it will attract people and the more traffic, the more clicks and the more income.  

Bloggers are people like you and me. Each blogger have a sole aim of creating a blog, spending time to write valuable contents for people who are looking for information on the net, to solve sometime an excruciating and difficult problem. Bloggers are problem solvers and business men and women who have visions, passion and target or audience. Though some type of blogs are for hobbyists but majority of bloggers are out there to make life easy for you and to change theirs or somebody's life and in so doing help the society. Some bloggers are volunteers that spent hours finding solutions and putting it up as content for you to read and benefit and in so many ways saves lives. So bloggers blogs  not solely for money but to solve problems through their experience or passion.   


Blogging make money comes with different type of money making schemes based on your vision and ability to labor, to invest, and sometimes to  take worthwhile risk. Many remain poor or in abject poverty because of not being able to see the opportunities that the visionary entrepreneurs sees. Again many remain poor because of fear of taking risk, after all life is risk itself. There is nothing on this planet that does not involve risk. So as entrepreneur or solopreneur or infopreneur or as an investors we have to take minimal risk before  we can make money.

Making money is not really easy as it comes with challenges. So you really need to brave up yourself if you want to succeed online or  if your plan is to make money blogging and to make blogging your part-time or main online business.

The best way to get started is to understand the types of blogs that are already on the internet.   There are several types of blogs and there are major types that most other blogs types are merged with due to their similarities. So here are the most written about blog types today on the world wide web and it is listed below for you to choose depending on which one you are passionate about:

Niche Blogs 

Here you narrow your focus on a particular topic, define your target and turn your passionate idea into a business.

 Professional Blogs 

This are experts in promoting their business and they do not have multiple sites but concentrate solely on marketing their products or marketing their professions, all to make money. 

Business blogs

Here they share expertise and engage customers just like professional bloggers to make money.

Affiliate marketing blogs

 This type of blogs drives traffic to affiliate programs and get paid based on  a set commission. This website has been hosted and fully paid for, through the commission made from one single affiliate program of which you will find out on the page make money. This website is a positive prove to you that blogging make money because it is with joy and happiness to achieve such a level after many years of blogging. Find out all the proven secrets from above link and you will be glad too.

Promotional Blogs:

They are promoters and their main purpose is for sales, especially writers use this type to sell new books and increase awareness to attract sales and make money. 

Other types are:

a) Branding Blogs b) Personal Blogs

c) Non-profits Blogs d) Journals Blogs

e) Private Blogs f) Sports Blogs

g) Military Blogs h) Schools Blogs

i) Politics Blogs j) SEO Blogs


If you are interested to make money blogging, here are the steps to take especially when you are starting from scratch:

1. Idea - The first step is to have an idea of what you are passionate about and the Niche that you have to write about. Like we said before ask yourself what you love the most. Though it is always very difficult for some to really figure out what they love the most. Have we not been there before, thinking day in day out? Every individual have a distinct voice, talent , gift or experience that can be heard. So find out your personality that could attract your friends and family or that you can write rich contents in less time.

But if you cannot do it yourself or that your friends and family members could not help you, then there is a great friend call Niche Choose It and Brainstormer. This tools will help you beyond your imagination.

2. The second step - Get Your Blog Name (Brand Name) - Your blog name is your brand name and you should make it unique, short to remember and easy to spell. See if you can make something out of your keywords. That will be very nice!!

3. The Third Step - Choose your Webhost. Without web hosting your blog or site cannot be seen online or on the web. So web hosting is a service that will powers your site or blog to be accessed and seen by everyone on the internet. Your domain is your unique address on the internet, without it you site or blog cannot be seen anywhere on the world wide web. Sitesell web hosting service is unique and comes with a complete package with tools to helps your online business succeeds.