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Weblogincome.com is a site created to help everyone whose desire is to know:

  • How blogging make money
  • How to add more income streams to your blog or site 
  • How to make more money  
  • And how to gain financial freedom
  • How to Grow a second income from home.


Weblogincome.com is dedicated:

  • To God Almighty be the glory, for making it possible to have this website. 

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  • To all of you dear ones who may be out of job and hungry, due to the global economy meltdown, recession and natural catastrophe and inability of our rulers whom we voted into power, to make any meaningful impart on our lives.


  • To the Stay-at-home-moms or spouses that are facing abuses from their husbands or wives, because their supposed loved ones see them not contributing financially for the upkeep of the family.


  • To Home based business seekers that wants to grow a second income from home


  • To Millennials and students who need extra cash in their pockets to survive the expensive educational systems across the world. 


  • To Retirees who are afraid to risk their retirement benefits because that is their last hope.


  • To All those whose dreams and visions are to start a full or part-time blogging or online business to make money.


  • And lastly, to those who wants to know how blogging make money and to be successful through blogging activities.

Blogging Make Money - How I Started!

My Name is Gabriel and I started blogging since 2009 and ventured into two blogs that are still running today. My intention for my first blog was as a hobbyist to educate some that are new to data center and needs information on data center site survey, etc. The blog is still running today as intended - for data center tips.

In 2012, I launched a website hosted by Bluehost and for a year that website did not yield much as expected, so i suspended it. it was not the fault of the webhost.

Then I started another blog in 2014 with the same name I used for the website, and this time, registered the blog with affiliate program of a big time conglomerate online shop. And it works this time and has been the such of residual income every month, though not much but it is something to be proud of and justified the time and labor.

In just a span of 8 years you can see the ups and downs of a blogger! Though each blogger have his or her own experience to tell. But definitely, our experiences can never be the same. I am not claiming to be the best blogger, but to be precise, you cannot arrive here without gaining something that will change your life and the lives of your dear ones.

Back in 2009, blogging for me, was a hobby. Then I did not care to think about making money through my blog. It was all fun! But today I can talk about blogging in different terms and money-wise.

But all that has been in the past and since 2014 blogging for me became a real business and not hobby anymore. Through the years, as I turned my eyes into blogging for business and to make money, just like many bloggers, there has been continuous progress, and since then more income streams has been added to make more money and help those who want to make blogging their business, to succeed and to show them how blogging make money and how to grow a second income from home. You can do it likewise!!

Success Story:
How Blogging Make Money

How blogging make money has been a keen and success story for Weblogincome.com

My first blogging for business started with Google blogger and AdSense,  but it was not very successful until I stumbled upon SBI! - the all-in-one system of process/information, tools, updating and guidance that enables non-tech people to build online businesses at a very unprecedented rates and levels of success based upon topics they know and are passionate about. This all-in-one e-business tools is created by Ken Evoy, the founder of SiteSell.com.  

This was the beginning of my real success and I am happy and thankful to God who gave me the vision and ability to take that First Step to join over 40,000 clients to become an SBI owner. With SBI you need to work hard and you need to sacrifice time and money which i did to get the result I wanted.

My word alone cannot recommend SBI highly enough to you, but if you are looking to build an additional income streams to gain financial freedom, you will be so surprise at how you can turn what is in your brain into an e-business with SBI."

You need to see what over  40,000 SBI owners do and what SBI can do for you!

Now in May 11, 2017, something amazing happened! I was still searching the internet, brainstorming the search engines with questions, and spent hours upon hours to find the best way to grow a second income from home, and on this particular date I stumbled upon a company called SFI and after going through their success stories, then they were celebrating their 19th year in business. I immediately registered since there was no obligation, and it was free for one to register to start growing a second business from home! I was happy to start learning something new without any obligation! 

They were so honest to say from the beginning that you need to work hard in other for your dreams to come true. Initially, after registration, I did not understand how I am going to make the money, and I was told my my sponsor from Germany that I have to login everyday and access the SFI website and read the lessons.

It was like going to school afresh to learn entrepreneurial course and I was told put more effort to become an executive affiliate so as to begin to earn and it was like a joke but today, I am a proud SFI Bronze Team Leader with hundreds of affiliate creating wealth for themselves and for me too.

This is the only company I have seen that teach people how to grow a second income from home and raised you from the bottom to the top, allowing you to earn residual and leveraged income with override commission up to 12th generations.

The full meaning of SFI is Strong Future International located in Lincoln, NE, in the United States of America.  

Solo Build It!

- Blogging Make Money -
Six Steps That Determines Your Blog or Website Success


Yes, Passion is that pill you need to start with! It is the beginning of your success story!! Passion is the energy or power that drives you to focus on something that excites you. That is why, it is said that “If you love the work you are doing, you will never work one day in your life” True or false? To me the answer is Yes! Building any kind of business involves a lot of work and it is challenging, and time consuming to brainstorm, research, built it, start, nurture and grow to make money. If you are passionate about what you are doing, you will soon realize that, the pill Passion has taken you up to the top of the ladder without you even realizing it. At first, it will come as a peanut, but at the end you will shout with joy "WOW" It's worth it!! What did it? Passion has done it for you!

First, you have to decide about blogging as a business to generate income and not as a hobby. Then choose a niche that you love. Your friends or relatives can help you choose what you are good at, if you get lost yourself in finding out what you possess within. Then follow this example and search yourself:

Supposing you are a gardener, and you love flowers, you can create a blog and write on different types of roses, like the white roses or red roses! Whatsoever!!!

Another better option is to turn to this wonderful tools - Niche choose It and Brainstormer. You will be amazed what a seer this tools can be for you! It will take you on a journey through your memory lane and bring out your gift-passion-love and the genius in you and lay it bare for you. 

Once the Niche Choose It and Brainstormer has selected one of the niche for you and a keyword in demand, then the only thing you need to do is to start writing quality contents. At any point in time, this e-Commerce tools are there to help your blogging make money and to enable you build not only a professional looking website or blog, but more important, it enable you build a profitable and successful business.


You really need to dig deep into yourself to pick out 3 ideas or things that you will want to develop your blog or site along with. Are you good at doing something that brings happiness to you or others? What about cooking? What about singing? What about gardening? What about cycling? What about repairing some sort of equipment or computer? 

Your idea of a particular niche should be specific and need to be seen within, for you to know if you really love what you choose or simply ask your friends or family member to help you suggest 3 ideal topics or services they know you have a fair knowledge about. Write them down and then use the method of elimination to arrive at the very best. But if you cannot make something out of it or for some reason you are confused that, you have a fair knowledge of all the 3 options! There is nothing to worry about. The wonderful tools above will assist you to choose one among your three lovely ideas, that will enable your blogging make money. 

This wonderful tools are the popular Niche choose it and Brainstormer. This two tools are all embodied in Solo Build It (SBI) and comes as a single package or software. It is more than an e-Commerce software.

What you have to do is to purchase SBI as a package, then go into the section of Niche Choose It and Brainstormer and type into the column provided, your 3 most loved topical ideas, follow instructions, and the work is done for you, as one of the 3 most loved topical ideas will finally emerged as the most  loved one to write in your contents without any confusion. Then apply the Brainstormer tool to get the best keywords and many more. Why wait? You have a 90 days free try period! Try Niche Choose It and Brainstormer!!!


The prerequisite to success is discipline. You have to discipline yourself. Ask yourself an honest question and be determining to be truthful to answer to yourself. Ask yourself, will I be discipline enough to sacrifice 4-6 hours or 1 hour a week for my blog or site and for my online business? Just as I said before, you have to be sincere to yourself! And if the answer is positive, then success is yours and you are on your way of becoming financially free.

When you have passion for your niche of whatever you decided as a term for your blog or online business, and be discipline and persistent, then your blogging make money and in a short while your passion, time, discipline and persistent will surely yield fruits that will set you free financially.

 Perseverance and Patience

Remember, “Rome was not built in a day” Do not expect your blog or site to earn money or yield income overnight! Such thinking will only yield bad result and discouragement when nothing is forth coming as expected. You need to be discipline and devote a minimum of 4-6 hours a week for your blog or site. Time, Patience and perseverance are very necessary in your long goal for your blog to make money and to gain financial freedom.

Updating your Blog or Site!

Why is it Important?

Blogs and sites need constant updating in other to be appealing to visitors to come back. As expected, you should not allow your visitors to return to see everything old as started! Find out trending things for your blog or site, to attract visitors or traffic. They will always come back if they have confidence, and know they will find something new on your blog or site that will interest them.  To own a consistently money making blog or site you need to be patient and focus on your ability to create a valuable contents for your visitors.


Valuable and Original Contents

Content, they say is King! Your blogging make money and make good return on your investment only if you create valuable and quality contents that attracts traffic. A valuable and original contents will build longtime credibility and reputation for you and your blog or site.

Solo Build It!