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How To Make Money Blogging Online From Home


Bitbond is the first global marketplace and lending platform for small business loans. Since its launching of SME lending platform

in 2013,  Bitbond has established itself as a fast and reliable financing solution for businesses around the world.

Individual and institutional investors fund working capital loans of small business owners to earn above average fixed-income returns.

Bitbond conducts a credit check on all borrowers based on data from their business accounts.

By using the blockchain for payment processing, Bitbond and its users are independent of banks. Bitbond is the first German regulated financial services provider that uses blockchain technology.

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 Bitcoin Lending 

Profitable Bitcoin Lending With Bitbond

Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer online lending platform which allows you to earn high returns on your investments and help fund businesses globally with Bitbond’s dollar and bitcoin denominated loans. Signing up only takes seconds and you could be making your first bitcoin investment in just a couple of minutes. Bitcoin lending at Bitbond is completely free, meaning that you will not have to pay any fees. 

Interest rates hover around the 20% mark and we aim to achieve an internal rate of return of around 13% for all investors. If you are located in the SEPA region, you can use Bitbond to buy your bitcoins at unbeatable rates. If you are located outside of the SEPA region, you will be able to buy bitcoins through Coinbase or another bitcoin exchange of your choosing.

Bitbond’s profitable bitcoin lending is the best way to profit from your hard earned bitcoins. As well as enjoying handsome interest rates, bitcoin lenders also have the luxury of investing around the globe, meaning that you, the bitcoin  investor, can help finance businesses from around the world for attractive returns.

Why Work with Bitbond

  • Sophisticated bitcoin lending for international investors.
  • Bitbond is the best way to make fixed income investments that I have ever seen.
  • All borrowers credit checked by Bitbond and rated from ‘A’ to ‘F’.
  • Join over 8,000 other happy lenders today World  coverage, support businesses in your preferred regions.
  • Use our AutoInvest tool to automate your bitcoin lending.
  • Earn high interest rates and high returnsLearn how to invest with our Webinars, presentations, newsletters and blog posts.



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Blogging make money - How?

You are welcome to and its exciting awareness and links to Home-based income generating opportunities. This is beyond 9 to 5 job rules which you have been besieged for years! What we are giving you here will really awakened your consciousness and mindset, and you will wonder why this type of opportunity did not come your way in the past few years or perhaps you came across it but refused to give solemn attention to it or maybe you did not have the courage to begin something great like this in earnest and wasted so many years procrastinating! There is always a new tomorrow, so let's get started!

You have visited this website because you are searching for Something Great, not just information - but a practical solution and genuine leads that will set you free financially. And of course, be rest assured that you have made a good decision to have searched and landed on this site. will help you to overcome your financial burdens in the shortest possible time if you follow the goldmine of ideas and leads/links that will be given to you on this site.

Many do not believe in making money from blogging or from online because they don't know how, or their mindsets are diverted because of past failed experiences! Or that you wanted to make money real fast or quick without labor and you were scammed, then you vowed not to get involved anymore in any online business! Note that there are genuine online businesses that have stood the test of time and millions of people are successful and testified until now and you too can investigate the authenticity of all that is given you here.

So let's keep the bad experiences and failures behind you now and open your eyes once more to know that it took great wisdom and labor for our Omnipotent God to create the world with everything that we are enjoying today! So we likewise need to labor to earn our daily bread even if it's to sacrifice a cent! We must not always look for free things for that is the reason many are scammed on the internet! Would you be paid in your 9 to 5 job if you did not work to equal the amount? So is genuine online business, of which you must sacrifice time and perhaps a little amount to start!

We need to contribute to make our life and the world function properly and not watched as spectators or as passengers! We need to be in the driver's seat to control the train. Even as a passenger or spectator you cannot enter the train or stadium free, you need to spend a little money for the ticket and not expecting to get it free or expecting others to contribute for your ticket. Agreed, many of us in our searched for financial freedom fell into this scammers because we wanted to get rich real quick overnight without laboring for it. Weblogincome will certainly show you how blogging make money and how to make money from your blog working from the comfort of your home, to gain financial freedom. 

You will also learn about blog, blogging, how blogging make money, how to grow a second income from home, home business, internet marketing, creating residual and leveraged income, and how to increase your sales on the internet. So get use to our terms and gear up for something great.

There are lots of gold for great minds to dig from this site, so make use of all proven financial opportunities and monetization platforms given to you freely on this website. It is for everybody, old and young, retirees, millennials, stay-at-home-moms, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, infopreneurs, students, workers,  can make their lives meaningful and financially free by keying in to this great financial opportunity. Every link on this site leads you to where you will make money if you are willing to work hard, and in just a little while you will become rich, and more so, your income will keep recurring even if you are on vacation.

 Remember, the aim and objectives of this website is all about everything you require to Grow-A- Second-Income-From-Home with  proven steps, to help teens and millennials make money from home and on-the-move to pay their school fees, to help their families, and also for you to create opportunities for others to create wealth, make more money and become rich, thereby helping them to be productive to the society and become financially free.

100 Prospects at a Seminar were asked this questions:

  • Ques: Who among you wants to be a millionaire?
  • Ans: The whole prospects (100%) chorus, they wants  to become a millionaire!
  • Ques:Who wants to work hard to become a millionaire?
  • Ans: 50% out of them said they want to become millionaire but they have no time!
  • Ques: Who among you are willing to Work Hard and spend a little amount to become a millionaire? 
  • Ans: Only 75% replied that the are willing to become millionaires but they have no money and time!
  • Ques:Who are willing to study, learn, work hard and spend a little amount of money to become a millionaire?
  • Ans: Only 95% replied that they really want to become a millionaire but that they have no money, not time and that they do not know how to do it!

Now you can see how it is difficult to convince yourself or somebody to work hard or learn something new and spend a little amount to become a millionaire, even for their own benefits!

So in earnest, only approximately 5% out of 100% of prospects or friends can really make up their minds to work hard and spend a little amount to become a millionaire!   

Are you among this 5% of prospects that are willing to make a difference to become a millionaire? You can do it!

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How Can Blogging Make Money?
Practical solutions to boost and Grow a second income from home

If you have been confronted with so many questions of how blogging make money and how to grow a second income from home, don’t worry, you are not alone. All bloggers initially had the same feelings and questions that burdens their minds. The only good thing about yours now, is that, here on this site you will be given practical solutions and elaborate steps on how how to grow your second income from home and how blogging make money.  

By patiently going through all the pages on this site, your future journey to financial freedom is not only guaranteed but secured. All the brainstorming tools given here is to showcase to you practically how blogging make money and how to make money from your blog, how to build your site or blog as a business, generate income, boost your income, get more clicks, earn residual or full-time income and make more money as you choose.

Remember in today’s smart-world everyone landing on your site or blog is searching for something-information - and mostly the teens or millennials are looking for that particular smart-information that will change their lives and help them to gain financial freedom and to work from home or on the move with less time and to be meaningful to the society. So they need practical solutions not unfounded theories.



Sure, if you want to answer this question, you will received more than required answer from millions of websites from search engines such as, Bing, Yahoo and Google. And what will happen, is that you will get confused about just a definition of a blog.To help you minimize the stress as a beginner or someone searching for quick answer to a problem, let us simplify the meaning of a blog, blogging and who is a blogger and then you can see how blogging make money.

Blog came from the word weblog. Weblog was first coined by Jorn Barger in 17th December 1977. Then, Peter Merholz broke it into short form "blog" by jokingly using the word "we" "blog" and this is why you see people say blog instead of weblog, but note that the two words are interchangeably.

Blog is a website - your website - my website that needs frequent updates of information on its webpage. Though there is an argument between a website and a blog. Since blogs are updated frequently, some say blogs should not be called website as traditional website are not updated frequently. But i think that was then and not in this smart world that things are done on the go. Yes, many website owns a blog as part of that website and again some organization updates  website frequently. For instance I managed a charity website that brings stuff they do every week for me to upload on their website such as pictures, videos and contents explaining such activities and they want it on their webpage. Now website can be updated frequently just like blog. So a blog is a website. Nobody can put up a site and leave it for long without updating and expect to make money. No!

So from now on, you need to know that a weblog is a blog and vice versa. It is also a website that is use in publishing information online, this can be self publishing or group publishing or corporate publishing.                       

Weblog or Blog is unique place for:

a) creating knowledge,

b) sharing knowledge and research,

c) developing professionalism,

d) advertising products and services,

e) solving problems,

f) building social networks with friends and public,

g) showcasing and documenting individual growth,

h) creating opportunities for others to learn,

i) sharing passionate ideas or thoughts so as to help others in need of such ideas,

j) making money, and creating avenues for others to make money and to generate income to gain financial freedom.

All this and more are the main reason you may need a blog and why people create a blog or weblog or website. In a nutshell, the reason for having a blog depends on individual, either, out there to make money or as a hobbyist.


If you own a blog and participate in that blog activities or other blogs activities - updating it, writing contents, reviewing a product, reply to questions or commentary, etc. you are a blogger.

A blogger is a person who owns a blog and participates in the activities of maintaining that blog.

There are so many types of bloggers which range from beginners to professional and they are doing great jobs that everyone learns and share.

Bloggers are not selfish people as they share with others, their happiness, their pains, loses, knowledge, passions, experiences, ambitions, dreams, etc. But some share it for free (hobbyists) and some share it for a price (business). Making a right decision about what type of blog or site you need is paramount which is the anchor of this site - to teach you step by step how blogging make money and how to grow a second income from your home. Honestly, you will not leave this website without being thankful for various method and platforms that will be given to you to become financially free. In all, you will not fail to find one method that works for you! 



The activity of keeping or maintaining (updating) a blog is known as blogging. You can become a great income earner right from your home and become financially free if you learn how blogging make money. Blogging requires a great deal of time as you must update your blog frequently. And by updating frequently, you will earn more respect from search engines and that means more rating and more traffics and clicks and finally more income.   

We are going to use these terms so often, so endeavor to understand what they mean before you go on.
So let's get to the business of  how blogging make money.

How Can I Make Money From My Blog/Website And How Can I Create A Second Income From Home To Have Financial Freedom?

Like any newbies, many out there do not understand how to make money from a blog/website or to grow a second income from home. So the questions of how can I make money from my blog/website, how do blogging make money and how do I create a second or recurring income from home will always be asked.

There are always many reasons and motives, be it negative or positive that make people ask such questions: Some reasons may be as follows:   

  • Wrong or Negative Mindset: Some that do not know how blogging make money nor how to make money from blogs or website have wrong mindset. They look at you as if you are from the moon or something like abstract, and they imagined and pondered "How can one make money from blog or website, and Mr. & Mrs. negative thoughts will creep in and the next thing is that you are a scammer! Since i was there in their shoes, we do understand, that, they need to be cared for and teach or persuaded with patience and in time they will be able to believe that they can come out of poverty or have a second income to better themselves, family and the society through blogging. 
  • Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) is another reason why many newbies, millennials and 9 to 5 workers are asking "how blogging make money or how to make money from blog or website. They want to take their destiny in their hands rather than putting their destiny in the hands of others and as such they want to know how to make money, they want to take their destiny in their hands, they need a second stream income and  to retire to be their own boss. Take for example, some body that has not use ladder before will think that laying many ladders down and climbing on top will give him a clearer vision to see across the fence. While someone who knows how to use it, will only need one ladder in the right position to see across the fence.  
  • Work From Home: Before we used to say that, it is only sit-at-home-moms that needs a online/home business! But now, all of us needs a second stream income/home business asides our 9 to 5 jobs. We need to start thinking of how to make money everyday so that while we are asleep or on vacation,  through our second streams of income, we can get something from what we planted no matter how small is the amount! Think of it, what you spent everyday even while asleep - the meter of the electricity in your house is running while you are asleep (you spent money to pay the bill), the water, your tooth paste, your internet subscription, Pay TV, transportation to work or business, breakfast-lunch-dinner, your children school fees, your professional courses, etc, in all, you spent money from morning till night and till you wake up again the following morning! So why not think how to make money the same way! Salary is the medicine that helps you to manage poverty, it cannot cure it! 

So learn how to make money from home with your computer and internet. 


Look for your innate qualities:

Apart from your innate qualities, you also need to look for your inborn characteristics, ideas, and also experiences. Here you have to really sit down in a quiet place with a little jotter and pen, and then look deep to discover the qualities that are part of your inner essential nature.

Can you sing? Do you naturally play any musical instrument? Do you love animals or flowers or ocean? Do you have any special gift or talent? We mean things that you can naturally do without much effort and it comes from your within naturally without much ado. Alright, what about your experiences in life – good or bad experience can be of a help to another.

One moment, yes bad experiences can help to correct another person who unknowingly because of lack of experience might fall into the same shoes of yours, the same with good experiences.

Remember, testimonies are not only meant for church! Just as testimonies help people to awaken and repent, just same your testimonies or experiences can help another online entrepreneur to stand up on their foot by taking correction from your past mistakes which you spread out as contents.  Now pinpoint your good qualities or ideas and experiences that you love the most, and then start writing on it consistently. With your inborn gift or life experiences turn into contents, you are sure to see how soon your blogging make money and you have a recurring income.

Choosing Your Domain Name: 

Choosing your Domain Name for your blogging make money site comes after you have discovered your innate qualities and chosen your niche. Without your Domain Name, your site or blog will not have an address.  Now be careful in choosing your Domain Name as a lot depends on it. If you want the search engine to crawl your site or blog, you must choose a Domain Name that is synonymous to your Keyword. Though in the case that the name is not available, you can choose another name that may not be synonymous with your keywords.

But in either case, it must be short and easy to remember. Your keywords must be highly in demand and less competitive.  If you cannot find a keyword as this is the most difficult in terms of site planning, if this is the case, then turn to Google free keywords tools for help or Brainstormer – Sitesell keywords tools. Though not all the time do Domain Name is synonymous with the Keywords. But for best results for Search engine optimization(SEO), your domain name must be synonymous to your Keywords.

Who register your Domain and what is Domain Registration?

The process of registering your Domain Name with the Domain Registrar is term Domain Registration. Without going into too much technicalities, let me explain briefly this process.  Domain Name Registries in partnership with Domain Registrars are custodian of all domain information and services provided to the public. However you are responsible to choose your designated registrar that will provide the registration service for you.

Web hosting:

Just like Domain Name stands for the address of your site. Without web-hosting your site or blog cannot be seen online or be accessed by anyone on the internet. And if your blog or site are not seen by anybody, how then can your blogging make money!

Domain Names and Web-hosting are inseparable. Each depends on the other! Web-hosting is an internet hosting service that allows your website or blog to be accessible and to be seen on the internet popularly call World Wide Web.

Web-host, in the other hand is a company who has the technical capabilities to securely host your site to be seen online by everyone browsing the internet 24/7/365 days. There are a lot of them that can meet your goal and budget, such as Sitesell, Goddady , Bluehost, just to mention but a few of them. Now Sitesell comes with unparalleled additional packages and Keyword tools (Brainstormer), a fantastic tool that accurately choose the best keywords in demand and also accurately choose your niche. The one i love the most is Analyze It! This is a wonderful tool for SEO. This and many other packages of Sitesell will ultimately spice your blog or site,  enabling your blogging make money.

How Blogging Make Money
Residual & Leveraged Income 

If one of your goals is becoming financially free or building financial security, then you are in the right place because the materials and links given to you on this site, if followed, will surely give you financial freedom and security than your 9 to 5 job!

Financial freedom and financial security is not gain through 9 to 5 job of trading your time or hours for money. The wealthiest people in the world have long known that if you want financial security and freedom you must key into one of this income streams that will continually water your farms(i.e. continuously generate money) even if you are on vacation or sleeping. Namely: Residual and Leveraged Income. 

Residual Income

Residual Income or Passive Income is a recurring income you earned month after month and year after year from one time hard work activity that continually brings in a lifetime income. It is a loyalty type of income such as writing an e-book that continuously sale every month and year! Gaining financial freedom is not achieved through trading your time or hour on a 9 to 5 job as many believes!

The problem is, many do not know where to start because they are new to what we termed as Residual income, new on how to make money working from home and new on how blogging make money! Some are skeptical when it comes to finding real opportunity of making money from the internet. But Imagine having one time task perform on your laptop or computer while at home and that task keep on bringing you recurring income every month and every year till you leave this planet, and your family will continue to receive the same royalty. Here, we are not talking about get rich overnight, but we mean onetime task through your hard work such recording a song or writing an e-book!

Though Internet is like a giant minefield when it comes to finding real residual and leveraged income avenues, there are still some income streams organizations that are tested as the best residual and leveraged income opportunity organization proven by millions of people from all over the world who are benefiting from it. 

One of such organization is "Strong Future International" popularly known as SFI. Here you learn all about Residual Income, Leveraged Income, how blogging make money, how to make money from your blog or website and provide you with tools and over 90,000 products to choose from, that will enable you to earn both residual and leveraged income. 

Leveraged Income

Leveraged Income is when you earn money through other people efforts. An example is a multi-level marketer also known as network marketer, who builds a network of downlines and receives an override commission from the activities or sales made by the downlines he or she personally recruited.

Remember, each of this downlines registered with a vested interest to build a strong team and to make more income. When they recruited more downlines and the downlines recruited more downlines and so forth. Their recruiting more downlines means your income will keep on growing and growing month after month and year after year even when you are on vacation.

There are many of this companies on the internet or in your neighborhood, but if you cannot find one that is reliable, then turn to Strong Future International or SFI.  

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Our Price: $350.25
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